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Introduction of Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes have been extensively utilized in the field of packaging for various uses, from transportation and shipment to storage and display. They are manufactured of corrugated fiberboard, composed of two flat liner boards and a fluted corrugated sheet.

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Corrugated boxes are often used for packaging a range of commodities because of their durability, strength, and adaptability. This article will discuss the uses of corrugated boxes as well as their benefits.

Benefits of Corrugated boxes

  • Protection
  • Customization
  • Cost-effective
  • Sustainability


Corrugated boxes offer their contents exceptional protection during handling, storage, and transit. The corrugated fiberboard's fluted form provides cushioning and shock absorption, which lowers the possibility of damage to the items inside the box.


Custom corrugated boxes are available to satisfy a variety of packing requirements. They can be made to match the size and shape of the product, and corporate logos and branding information can be put on them to increase the product's marketing appeal.


Compared to alternative packing materials, corrugated boxes are more affordable. They are created from recycled materials, making them economical and eco-friendly, and they are lightweight, which lowers shipping expenses.


Corrugated boxes are a sustainable option for packaging because they are recyclable and favourable to the environment. They may be recycled after use and are made of recycled materials, which minimizes waste and has a minimal negative effect on the environment.

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Applications/Uses of Corrugated Boxes

  • Food Packaging
  • E-commerce Packaging
  • Retail Packaging
  • Industrial Packaging

Food Packaging

Corrugated boxes are frequently used for packaging food. Fruits, vegetables, meat, and other perishable products can be packed in them. Food stays fresh throughout transportation and storage because corrugated boxes protect against moisture and infection.

In order to prevent the contamination of fresh produce, the glue used to join the flutes and liners during the manufacture of corrugated boxes is created from water and starch. Using corrugated boxes to convey food has a lot of advantages. Their safety and resistance to bacterial infection are the two most crucial advantages. Numerous studies have demonstrated that food remains fresher longer in corrugated packaging.

E-commerce Packaging

Corrugated Packaging Boxes have a variety of uses in the e-commerce sector, but the most crucial one is to support the supply chain, which is a vital component of e-commerce. Corrugated boxes, which have increased use over the past years, are the foundation of the e-commerce supply chain. Shipping smaller volumes to an increasing number of unusual and unexpected locations presents a challenge for the e-commerce sector. Corrugated boxes provide a level of protection and necessary safety.

The most popular option for e-commerce packaging is corrugated boxes. They are adaptable to various product sizes, lightweight, and simple to handle. The products are protected during transportation and handling by tamper-evident elements that can be added to corrugated boxes.

Retail Packaging

Retail packaging that displays and advertises products typically uses corrugated boxes. It is possible to print marketing messages, descriptions of the products, and branding information on them. In order to allow buyers to see the product inside, corrugated boxes can also be made with windows and cutouts.

Industrial Packaging

In industrial packing, corrugated boxes are used to convey large and heavy goods. They can survive the rigorous demands of handling and transportation since they are solid and resilient. It is simple to transport corrugated boxes with forklifts and other equipment since they may be made to resemble pallets and crates.

Features of corrugated box

  • Customizable
  • Highly Durable
  • Cost-Effective
  • Lightweight
  • Recyclable/Eco-Friendly
  • Stackable


Corrugated boxes can be designed according to request to meet the particular requirements of the products being transported or stored. This includes the choices for size, shape, and printing.

Highly Durable

The box's corrugated shape offers strength and durability, which helps safeguard against damage to the contents during transportation or storage.


Corrugated boxes are more affordable than other packing materials, such as plastic or metal.


Since corrugated boxes are composed of lightweight material, handling and moving them is simple.


Corrugated boxes are eco-friendly because they are made of recyclable and biodegradable materials


In order to save space during storage and transportation, corrugated boxes are made to be stacked on top of one another.

Types of Corrugated Boxes and Their Uses in Industry

Since you now understand what a corrugated box is. The different types of corrugated boxes used in many industries should be familiar to you based on their strength, protection, and ability to support the weight. As a experienced manufacturers and suppliers of Corrugated Boxes Jumbo Paper Products role is to take you through different types of corrugated packaging solutions as per your requirements and needs. Lets discuss now.

Single-Wall 3 Ply Corrugated Boxes:

A single sheet of corrugated material has been placed between two sheets of liner board and attached to create this type of corrugated box. The retail sector, as well as the transportation industry, use corrugated boxes of this type in an abundance of ways. These boxes, which are made of a single layer of corrugated cardboard, are appropriate for lightweight items like books, clothing, and gadgets.

Double-Wall 5 Ply Corrugated Boxes:

Two layers of corrugated material are inserted between three pieces of liner board to create double-walled corrugated carton boxes. As a result, it makes the carton box more rigid and is utilized for packaging heavier or more delicate goods. The shipment of electrical goods makes extensive use of these corrugated boxes.Corrugated material is used twice in these boxes for greater strength and security. They are perfect for transporting heavier goods like electronics, furniture, appliances, and auto components.

Triple-Wall 7 Ply Corrugated Boxes:

This corrugated carton box has three layers of medium-density fiberboard and four layers of liner board and is the most substantial and long-lasting corrugated box. Due to their durability and increased burst strength, triple-wall corrugated boxes are typically used for packaging industrial items. These are the most resilient and longest-lasting corrugated boxes because they are frequently used to transport big objects like construction machinery and heavy machinery.

Die-Cut Boxes:

These boxes can be designed to match the exact dimensions and shape of the transported item, making them the perfect choice for irregularly-shaped or fragile products.

Gaylord Boxes:

These are substantial, large, sturdy corrugated carton boxes used for bulk shipping and storing goods like chemicals, grains, and auto components.

Folding cartons:

These carton boxes are used frequently to package consumer goods, including food, cosmetics, and medications. They are built of a lighter-weight corrugated material.

Corrugated boxes can be customized to fit a variety of products and sectors, making them adaptable overall. Businesses can ensure their products are well-protected throughout shipment and storage by picking the correct corrugated box.

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The Recycling Process of Corrugated Boxes:

Corrugated is the packaging material that is most frequently recycled, with 96% of the corrugated that was created in 2018 being recovered for recycling and almost all of it being used to develop new products.

The steps involved in the recycling process of corrugated boxes are as follows:

  • Collection: Corrugated boxes that have been used are gathered and taken to a recycling facility.
  • Sorting: The boxes are arranged according to their types, with any impurities like plastic, metal clips, or staples removed.
  • Pulping: With water, the boxes are pulped to remove their fibres.
  • Cleaning and screening: The pulp is cleaned to remove any ink or glue and screened to remove any leftover harmful substances.
  • Repulping: In order to make a new paper product, the cleaned pulp is repulped and combined with brand-new wood fibres.
  • Drying and Rolling: The finished paper product is then rolled into huge rolls, dried, and prepared to produce new corrugated boxes or other paper goods.

Recycling corrugated boxes minimizes trash and preserves energy and natural resources. Additionally, employing recycled materials while creating new corrugated carton boxes can lower production costs and benefit the environment.


In summary, corrugated boxes are flexible and affordable packing options that protect their contents well throughout handling, storage, and transit. They can be used for several purposes, such as food packaging, e-commerce packaging, retail packaging, and industrial packaging. They are also adaptable and environmentally friendly. Corrugated boxes are the way to go if you're searching for a packing solution that is strong, long-lasting, and reasonably priced.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using corrugated boxes for packaging?

There are several advantages of corrugated boxes, as follows:

  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Printable

Overall, corrugated boxes provide dependable, affordable, and ecologically friendly packaging options that provide excellent product protection throughout transportation.

What are the varieties of corrugated boxes available in the market?

Corrugated boxes are used extensively in various industries for their durability, strength, and capability to support weight. There are various types of corrugated containers available to meet the needs of different industries. Following are the different types of corrugated boxes available in the market.

  • Single-Wall 3 Ply Corrugated Boxes
  • Double-Wall 5 Ply Corrugated Boxes
  • Triple-Wall 7 Ply Corrugated Boxes
  • Die-Cut Boxes
  • Gaylord Boxes
  • Folding cartons
Can corrugated boxes be recycled, and what is the recycling process?

Yes, It is possible to recycle corrugated cartons. In order to recycle a box, it must first be broken down into a pulp and then treated with water and chemicals to remove any ink and contaminants. New paper products, including new corrugated boxes, are created from the pulp. Recycling corrugated containers contributes to recycling, reducing waste, conserving resources, and reducing greenhouse emissions of greenhouse gases. Numerous businesses and people consider it an environmentally friendly solution.

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