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Are you looking for Corrugated Rolls manufacturers in Navi Mumbai? You are at the right place. We are the best Corrugated Rolls manufacturers and suppliers in Navi Mumbai. We offer Corrugated Rolls to our consumers at a lower price.

Product Description

At "Jumbo Paper Products," We offer corrugated rolls that are flexible and cost-effective that will help you to grow your business faster. We provide corrugated rolls in various thicknesses and sizes as per your requirements. Corrugated rolls are best for packaging and transporting your products because of their highly shock-resistance ability. Our corrugated rolls are easy to wrap your product thoroughly and easy to cut as per your product size. We manufacture our product using the most delinquent procedures to provide you with the most satisfactory quality. Our highly skilled workers handle this process. The corrugated rolls are used in numerous industries, including food, plastic, textiles, etc. Corrugated rolls are the most demanding product for packaging because it is flexible and comes in smooth finishing. It helps to protect breakable items such as bulbs, bottles, cups, jars, dishes, pots, bowls, plates, etc. We provide corrugated rolls in different varieties such as single, double, triple, etc. We provide corrugated rolls to our customers at an affordable price.


  • Efficiently adjusts to all shapes
  • Secure & damage free transit at a tight-fisted cost
  • Lifted fluting added extra cushioning and stability

The Benefits of Directly Purchasing Corrugated Rolls from the Manufacturer

If you are buying corrugated rolls directly from manufacturers, you will get corrugated rolls at an affordable price which helps you grow your business financially.

At "Jumbo Paper Products," we provide industry-standard corrugated rolls with soft and fluted paper bonded lamination. These packaging materials are the best in the market for packaging or wrapping fragile and long products for protection during transport. We fabricate our product using high-quality kraft paper. It comes in c fluted rolls. It delivers better cushioning than traditional corrugated rolls. It is lightweight, and it does not affect your product while transporting. These corrugated rolls or brown rolls are 100 percent recyclable and eco-friendly.

Jumbo Paper Products offers corrugated cardboard rolls as one of the widely used products for packaging supplies ranging from cartons to office stationery. We manufacture these corrugated rolls in our manufacturing plants to give you high-quality materials at the lowest prices.

We have excellent experience in manufacturing corrugated rolls, "Jumbo Paper Products" is presently the leading Manufacturer and supplier of corrugated rolls across India.

Note: We are the best Corrugated Rolls manufacturers and suppliers in Mumbai. We offer Corrugated Rolls to our consumers at a lower price.

Further Details:

  • Always the same Quality. Don't worry about the Quality
  • Value for Money
  • Stunning logs for your products
  • Extremely High-Quality International Standard
  • Order High quantities to save your Cost
  • We accept small quantity orders
  • We provide simplicity for Sellers
  • No hidden fees

Why choose us?

Jumbo Paper Products are the best Corrugated Rolls Manufacturers and suppliers from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We "Jumbo Paper Products" established ourselves as a prominent and dependable organization in the industry in 2014 by manufacturing a comprehensive range of Corrugated Rolls or Brown Rolls. We provide Corrugated Boxes, Corrugated Rolls, Corrugated Sheets, Inner Carton Boxes, and Mono Carton Boxes, among others, in our quality-assured inventory. Our goods are made with high-quality natural materials and stick to industry norms. Clients reasonably believe our offered items for their superior quality, low weight, ease of use, and high level of finish. We supply top-quality Corrugated Rolls to our clients at a low price.

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