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Nowadays, online shopping for food and medicine is a common thing. And these items are perishable goods. The main problem of the shipping businesses is keeping the freshness of these kinds of products. Choosing suitable packaging for your products, such as (milk, chees, etc.) can get consumers fresh and ready to use goods.

Six types of perishable packaging solutions to protect your perishable products.

Insulated Shipping Kits

Insulated Shipping Kits are created from two materials. First corrugated boxes and a foam container. These corrugated boxes come prearranged and printed with shipping instructions such as Perishable item image and This Side Up. These things are typical for these types of packaging. Foam containers come with smooth, molded foam bodies with tight-fitting lids to keep cold air and liquids within the box. It also saves the product from crushing or collision. Pairing together, they provide the best protection against damage. These boxes are lightweight, recyclable, and reusable. You can add extra insulated cold packs as per your product needs.

Insulated Bubble Box Liners

Insulated Shipping Kits are very expensive or out of budget for you. Then Insulated Bubble Box Liners are a good choice. The outside liners help repel heat and store cool air and liquid inside. The inside bubble layer shields the item in transit. Insulated Bubble box liners are easy to make and easy to set up.

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Insulated Bubble Rolls

Insulated Bubble Rolls are made to wrap or pack individual products easily. Cut the Insulated Bubble Rolls as per your product length and dimension. The 3/16" bubble delivers trustworthy softening, and the metalized liner maintains things cool while supplying a wall against heat, moisture, and smells.

Insulated Bubble Mailers

Insulated rolls and corrugated boxes are not only the cold shipping packaging solutions. Insulated bubble mailers are likewise the most acceptable option for maintaining items cold, such as medicines or deli samples. It is cost-effective. It also helps to protect the inside products from damage like insulated rolls and liners. Insulated Bubble Mailers' outer layer helps store cooler air and liquid inside. Insulated Bubble Mailers are lightweight and stable. It is water-repellent and puncture-resistant. Most shipping companies use this type of packaging solution Because it saves money and time.

Insulated Cold Packs

Cold shipping packages can not effectively sustain the chilled environment due to the delays in shipping times. Insulated cold packs can maintain enough cooling inside the shipping cartons for a longer time and extend shipping times by days. These insulated cold packs are made from non-toxic and food-safe material that stays colder than unprotected ice cubes. Insulated cold packs are sealed-proof and reusable.

Cold Temperature Tape

You have packed your product in all insulated bubble and cold packs. But what about sealing? The regular packaging taps can lose their stickiness in extreme temperatures and freeze in cold weather. It is not suitable for packaging. Cold temperature sealing tape offers an additional layer of protection for your products. Its glue is formulated to maintain its sticky property in cold and hot temperatures. It is a perfect option for closing corrugated boxes. It helps to maintain the inner and outer Temperature of the box. Cold Temperature is used in numerous industries such as dairy, meat, and frozen food industries, particularly for long-term storage.

Perishable goods must be kept cool while traveling. Dairy can decay, meat can rot, chocolate can bloom, and drugs' usefulness can be significantly reduced if not correctly stored. Cold shipping packaging, such as shipping kits or insulated packaging materials, can ensure that your items arrive fresh and undamaged at their destination.

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